Improving Our Services

Athens County Children Services promotes excellence and continuous improvement through many avenues, including the Performance and Quality Imrovement (PQI) Committee. The PQI committee continually evaluates client outcomes, agency operations, service quality, and program results. Feedback from stakeholders is evaluated and utilized in making organizational changes.

What is Performance Quality Improvement?

PQI is a comprehensive, ongoing management system incorporating intensive stakeholder involvement, systematic data collection and analysis, information sharing, and corrective action in order to improve the functioning of an organization.

PQI vs. Quality Assurance (QA)

PQI is a major "culture change" from the traditional QA approach that primarily focuses on identifying individuals responsible for poor performance.

PQI focuses on systems, processes, and client feedback through the use of set tools designed to help quanitify an organization's performance at its core-- a client-centered philosophy of srvice delivery. PQI theory encourages a perspective of analyzing outcomes so that success can be shared and learned among the agency.

PQI In Practice

An organization that adopts a "true" PQI culture is one that focuses more on "system" issues as opposed to "individual" staff performance issues. With that in mind, PQI can be challenging if not scary for many organizations because it forces staff to examine processes through the use of data in the following manner:

  • Establish baseline of current performance
  • Measure performance over time
  • Compare the baseline performance to actual performance
  • Identify "common issues" of any performance variations
  • Strategize and implement actions to address variations that cause concern