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Staff Directory

Executive Director

W. Otis Crockron, Jr.

Deputy Director

Wendy Shields

Board Members

Nancy Schell, Chair

Chris Innis

Reggie Robinson

Ralph Harvey

Keith Adams

David Stretton

Romola Hopkins

Julie Lew

Sue Erlewine

Management Team

Shelly Campbell: Business Administration Manager

Barbara Cline: Protective Services Manager

Angie Verity: Permanency Services Manager

Stephen Peterson: Human Resource Manager

Computer and Data Manager

Julie Hendershott

Volunteer/Intern Manager

Katherine Marshall

Family and Children First Council

Amy Jenkins: Council Coordinator

Katie Howard: Office Manager

VACANT: Child and Adolescent Care Assessor


Melissa Parsons: Account Clerk II

Sherry Gillespie: Title IV-E/Payroll Specialist

Jane Dixon: Account Clerk II

Kelsey Hartley: Fiscal Specialist


Brittany Leach: Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Elaine Evans: Paralegal

Elisabeth Chambers:  Secretary

Southeast Ohio Regional Training Center

Tracie Stein: SEORTC Director

Tracy Reichardt: Foster Care Training Coordinator

Susan Ballard: Staff Training Coordinator 


Rob Marcum: Facilities Manager

CJ Verity: Maintenance Repair Worker

Mike White: Maintenance Repair Worker

Family Services A

Kalynn McCoy: Supervisor

Megan Ulman: Caseworker

Mary Timms: Caseworker

Tosha Jenkins: Caseworker

Melisa Stewart: Caseworker

VACANT: Case Aide

VACANT: Caseworker

VACANT: Prevention Caseworker

Michelle Rawlins: Secretary/Clerical Coordinator

Family Services B

Stephanie McDaniel: Supervisor

Angel Murray: Caseworker

Rebecca Inboden: Caseworker

Maya Oshita: Caseworker

Jacelyn McGaughey: Ohio START Caseworker

VACANT: Caseworker

VACANT: Caseworker

David Driggs: Case Aide

Protective Services

Barbara Cline:  Manager

Mindy VanBibber: Protective Services Screener Supervisor

Angie Hoffer: Screener

Dylan Shears: Screener 

Beau Goodrich: Family Violence Investigator/Deputy Sheriff

Alan Sullivan: Family Violence Investigator/Deputy Sheriff

Assessment Unit

Travis Boggs: Supervisor

Anaise Alyerime: Caseworker

Alma Djalali-Gomez: Caseworker

Elizabeth Griffith: Caseworker

Kirsi King: Caseworker

Lindsey Humphrey: Caseworker

Carly Ferguson: Caseworker

Allysa Neatherton: Caseworker

Patricia Skinner: Caseworker

VACANT: Caseworker

Leona Rivera: Administrative Assistant

Permanency Services

Angie Verity: Manager

Darlene Kokitka: Placement Caseworker

Maeve Beyer: Placement Caseworker

Lisa Seitz: Life-Skills Caseworker

Tanja Kuhre: Recruiter/Trainer

Stephanie Jackson: Kinship Coordinator

Katie Schlegel: Kinship Caseworker

Marla Sams: Administrative Associate


Kim Holbert: Supervisor

Laura Schaeffer: Caseworker

Hannah Jeffers: Caseworker

Tara Carsey: Caseworker

Jenna Sweeney: Caseworker

Marla Sams: Administrative Associate

Family Support

Kathi VanMeter: Supervisor

VACANT: Family Support Worker

Chelsie McDaniel: Family Support Worker

Destiny Hooper: Family Support Worker

Amanda Wingfield: Family Support Worker

Karyn Armstrong: Family Mentor

Morgan Yoho: Intermittent Family Support Worker

Laine Pierce: Intermittent Family Support Worker

Tammy Woodyard: Transportation Worker

Tiffany Putnam: Administrative Associate

School Outreach

Sarah Spence: School Outreach Supervisor

Rebecca Handa: School Outreach Worker (Trimble)

Madison Moore: School Outreach Worker (Athens City – East Elementary)

Melissa Kitrick: School Outreach Worker (Athens City – Morrison-Gordon Elementary)

Katherine King: School Outreach Worker (Nelsonville-York)

Kent Felts: School Outreach Worker (Alexander)

Dan Fuchs: School Outreach Worker (Federal Hocking – Amesville)

VACANT: School Outreach Worker (Tri-County Career Center)

Christy Bradford: Administrative Associate

Case Review Coordinator

Aliyah Thacker