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Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don’t have custody of my relative, but I feel that I need to establish that?

You and your family can make an arrangement that best benefits the children involved without the intervention of Athens County Children Services. If you need help doing this or have questions, please call the Athens County Juvenile Court for assistance in doing this. Here is a helpful link to other Athens County government agencies:

For further questions about legal services and possible legal assistance, please visit the Southeastern Ohio Legal Services web page at:

Are there any monetary supports available to me to help with the costs of raising my relative?

You may be eligible for Ohio’s Kinship Permanency Incentive Program. Following the link here for more information:

If you think that you may be eligible or have questions about this program, please call the kinship case worker. Athens County Children Services is responsible for the administration of this program, so you will need to call ACCS to receive these benefits. This process requires the case worker to come to your home and visit with you, as well as gathering the necessary documentation for the program.

If I decide to work with Athens County Children Services, is my information confidential?

Yes. The kinship case worker must get releases of information in order to talk to other service providers. For example, if you need help navigating Job and Family Services, the case worker would have you sign a release allowing the case work to talk to Job and Family Services on your behalf. These releases can be revoked by you at any time. Your involvement with ACCS is completely voluntary.

What kinds of services are available to families seeking kinship support through ACCS?

The kinship case worker can help you navigate a number of different services. If you are not receiving benefits from the Department of Job and Family Services, the kinship case worker at Athens County Children Services can help you to get these services in place. We can also help you navigate other services such as mental health, linkage to childcare, etc.

I have legal custody of my relative. Can I receive support through Athens County Children Services?

Yes, you can receive support through Athens County Children Services without having an open case. The kinship case worker can assist you with getting linked to other services that may be of help to you.