Athens County Children Services is committed to a dynamic volunteer program. This program includes social work interns, public relations/advertising interns, as well as many volunteer opportunities through the year. Interested in learning more about our program? Call our Volunteer and Intern Coordinator at (740) 592-3061 or download our Volunteer brochure.

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Overview of ACCS

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From our volunteers

"I chose ACCS because I love working with children and thought it would be a good start to social work before I declared it my major. I've really enjoyed working in the garden, and giving out Christmas gifts was quite fun. I would love to do more family visits!"

-Jody, ACCS Volunteer (2012-present)

"Initially, I chose to volunteer for a number of reasons, the primary reason being a requirement for school. As the hours for my program were met and I was introduced to the different aspects of ACCS, my heart has been energized with the care, commitment, and compassion I have seen from the agency out in the community. I have also seen the community and commitment behind the scenes, supporting and encouraging each other. It feels like a second family. I have seen children flourish, their smiles brighten, and families appreciate the services they receive. This was beautiful to observe."

-Teresa, ACCS Volunteer (2012-present)

"I chose to volunteer with ACCS because I love working with kids. I really enjoy volunteering with you guys. I've gotten to meet some really great kids as well as adults who work at ACCS and I have fun at each and every event."

-Courtney, ACCS Volunteer (2012-present)