Family Services

In 2015, family service's units at Athens County Children Services worked with approximately 125 families. 2015 saw the reunification of 25 children with their parents, as well as 10 children reunified with a non-parent relative.

Family Services works with families who are involved with Juvenile Court. Some situations require the family to work with the agency while their children remain in the home. Other times, the court has determined it is unsafe for the children to remain home and the children are placed in agency custody while issues are worked on.

Abuse and neglect is caused by a number of issues that ultimately lead to families being involved with ACCS' Family Services team. Among these issues are substance abuse, mental illness, homelessness, domestic violence, and poverty.

Reuniting families is the team's primary goal. Caseworkers help parents identify services that can express family problems, aid in establishing visitation so parents and children can stay connected, and inform the court of progress or issues that remain unresolved.