Permanency Roundtable

Permanency Round table

ACCS Pilots Permanency Round Tables for Youth

Athens County Children Services has been selected as 1 of 7 counties in Ohio participating in the Permanency Round Tables (PRT) pilot for youth.  A permanency roundtable (PRT), as defined by the Casey Family Programs, is an intervention designed to facilitate the permanency planning process by identifying realistic solutions to permanency obstacles for youth. Key players (a permanency consultant, a master practitioner, a youth's case manager and supervisor, etc.) convene to create individual permanency plans. ACCS's Placement Supervisor, Angie Blakeman and our Case Review Coordinator, Susan Ballard have been attending PRT planning meetings and are working toward the implementation phase. 

Once planning is completed and we are ready to move forward with the implementation phase, training will be available at the SEORTC. Permanency Round Tables will provide ACCS an opportunity for structured case consultation designed to generate solutions for overcoming the barriers to permanency that youth in our care face.

Colorado is the first state to successfully use this model. The strategy has been developed with the support of Casey Family Programs. Other states that are utilizing this model are Alabama, Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire and California.  


Achieving Permanency through Roundtables - Caregiver Values Training

Handout 01 - PRT FAQs

Handout 02 - Agenda and Learning Objectives

Handout 03 - Making It Real Quotes

Handout 04 - Definition of Permanency

Handout 05 - Comparison of Young Adult Outcomes

Handout 06 - Overview of the PRT Process

Handout 07 - Engagement Tools

Handout 08 - Common Strategies for Permanency Action Plans

 Handout 09 - Youth and Family Engagement

Handout 10 - Strategies for Addressing Resistance

Handout 11 - Permanency Pact (1)

Handout 12 - Creating a Permanency Plan

Handout 13 - References and Resources