Virtual Kids Day! August 3, 2020


Kite Flying has been around for thousands of years. The earliest kites were made from leaves. Today you can find kites of every shape, size and color. On a good windy day you can get outside and fly a kite for a fun activity. Included in your bag was a kite you can color yourself. Need to make your own kite? Check out these fun instructions from PBS on making at kite with newspaper and sticks. 

2. Jump Rope

Jump Rope is a fun activity that gets your up and moving! Did you know jump rope is a competitive sport in over 38 countries? They have different events such as freestyle where jumpers get to demonstrate a combination of skills; and speed events where athletes 

try to complete as many jumps as possible within a particular amount of time.   Check out the pictures for 10 different activities and games to play while jumping rope.  

Here is a video to teach you how to do basic jump roping 

3. Frisbee Throwing  

Frisbee throwing is a fun outdoor activity. You can do this on your own, or have a friend play with you. Its fun to throw a frisbee back and forth. Or you can set up targets and try to get the frisbee to land in a certain place.  

Need to learn how to throw and catch a frisbee, the Z Sister’s show you how here or you can see the first picture shared. Want to play a fun game with your family? Check out the 2nd picture to learn how to play ultimate frisbee!  


While being active and playing fun games, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated! Fill up your water bottle and drink plenty of water throughout the day.  

Check out what Miss Kelsey from PBS kids has to say about drinking water 


5. Bubbles  

Blowing bubbles can be fun for all ages! See how big a bubble you can blow, or try popping them all before they hit the ground. We didn’t get to include any bubbles in the bag, but did you know you can make your own bubbles at home? All you need is some water, dish soap and sugar! Grab an adult and check out these instructions.  

That is a wrap for Athens County Virtual Kids day! We hope you had fun playing with us. While things have been different this summer, we want you to remember to stay active, stay healthy, and still have fun!  


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