2021 Staff Directory

Executive Director

  • W. Otis Crockron, Jr.

Deputy Director

  • Wendy Shields

Board Members

  • Nancy Schell, Chair
  • Chris Innis
  • Timarie Francis
  • Shelley Lieberman
  • Dr. Tanisha King
  • Dr. Jenny Shadik
  • Doug Orr
  • Ralph Harvey

Business Administration Manager

  • Shelly Campbell

Human Resource Manager

  • Steve Peterson

Public Relations & Community Events Coordinator

  • Robin Webb

Administrative Assistant to Executive Director W. Otis Crockron, Jr.

  • Tarra Begley-Hoops

Family and Children First Council

  • Peggy Garcia: Council Coordinator
  • Katie Howard: Office Manager


  • Melissa Parsons: Account Clerk
  • Sherry Gillespie: Title IV-E/Payroll Specialist
  • Jane Dixon: Account Clerk
  • Connor Larsen: Account Clerk II


  • Brittany Leach: Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
  • Elaine Evans: Paralegal
  • Riley McKibben: Legal Secretary

Southeast Ohio Regional Training Center

  • Tracie Stein: SEORTC Director
  • Tracy Reichardt: Foster Parent Training Coordinator
  • Alexis Parsons: Staff Training Coordinator
  • VACANT: Intermittent Secretary 


  • Rob Marcum: Facilities Manager
  • CJ Verity: Custodial Maintenance
  • Mike White: Groundskeeper

Protective Services Manager

  • Laura Bobo

Family Services A

  • Susan Ballard: Supervisor
  • Courtney Robinson: Caseworker
  • Mary Timms: Caseworker
  • Hailey Glick: Caseworker
  • Lauren Marracino: Caseworker
  • Michelle Rawlins: Family Services Secretary/Clerical Coordinator


Family Services B 

  • Stephanie McDaniel: Supervisor
  • Angel Murray: Caseworker
  • Arissa Nelson: Caseworker
  • Maya Oshita: Caseworker
  • Tammy Woodyard: Transportation Worker

Alternative Response

  • Travis Boggs: Supervisor
  • VACANT: Caseworker
  • Jacelyn Fisher: Caseworker
  • Amber Miller: Caseworker
  • Emily Orr: Caseworker
  • Kalynn Seymour: Caseworker
  • Heather Starr: Alternative Response/School Outreach Secretary


  • Jamie Mays: Supervisor
  • Melissa Walker: Caseworker
  • Carly Ferguson: Caseworker
  • VACANT: Caseworker
  • Mandi Knowlton-Cain: Caseworker
  • Rebecca Galvin: Intake Screener
  • Dylan Shears: Intake Screener 
  • Jen Williams: Family Violence Investigator/Deputy Sheriff


  • Kim Holbert: Supervisor
  • Laura Schaeffer: Caseworker
  • Hannah Jeffers: Caseworker
  • Tara Carsey: Caseworker
  • Jenna Sweeney: Caseworker
  • Marla Sams: Adoption/Placement Secretary 

Placement Services

  • Angie Verity: Supervisor
  • Darlene Kokitka: Caseworker
  • VACANT: Caseworker
  • Lisa Seitz: Academic/Life Skills Caseworker
  • Tanja Kuhre: Foster Parent Recruiter/Trainer
  • Stephanie Jackson: Kinship Caseworker

Family Support

  • Kathi VanMeter: Supervisor
  • Hannah Simpson: Family Support Worker
  • Chantal Andrews: Family Support Worker
  • Destiny Hooper: Family Support Worker
  • Karyn Armstrong: Family Mentor
  • Anna Fletcher: Intermittent Family Support Worker
  • VACANT: Intermittent Family Support Worker
  • Chelsie McDaniel: Intermittent Family Support Worker
  • Tiffany Putnam: Receptionist/Family Support Secretary 

School Outreach Caseworkers

  • Sarah Spence: Supervisor
  • Becky Handa: School Outreach Caseworker (Trimble)
  • Diane Stock: School Outreach Caseworker (Athens City)
  • Katherine King: School Outreach Caseworker (Nelsonville-York)
  • Kent Felts: School Outreach Caseworker (Alexander)
  • Kelly Epling: School Outreach Caseworker (Federal Hocking - Amesville) 
  • Heather Starr, School Outreach Secretary/Alternative Response

Quality Assurance

  • Barbara Cline: Supervisor
  • Aliyah Baskind: Case Review Coordinator
  • Julie Hendershott: Information Specialist
  • Katherine Marshall: Volunteer & Intern Coordinator
  • Christy Bradford: Quality Assurance Secretary